Changing access to long-term wellbeing.

Dietary Plans

Under this package, I will advise you on a healthy dietary plan which is custom-tailored for you. If adhered to, these dietary plans are super effective.

& Well Being

Health & wellbeing is vital and Nutrition contributed a lot towards this. On this plan, I will offer you nutrition advise on the do's and don't's related to nutrition.

Nutrition Therapy

With proper nutrition intervention, recovering is quite easy. In this package, I will advise on various meal plans that can boost a patient's health.

Eating Habits

On this package, I will offer you advice on healthy eating habits which can help you achieve your desired body structure thus maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A broad range of diet therapies

I can help with

Diabetes mellitus
High cholesterol levels
Cardiovascular diseases
Kidney and liver problem
GIT Problems (Ulcers & gastritis, cancer)
Dietary practice for pregnant and lactating women
Feeding regime for children under 5
Dietary practice in teenagers

Over 5 years of experience in work with children & families

As a registered Clinical Nutritionist & Dietician, I have one solid motive. Ensuring my clients are living a healthy lifestyle under my guidance and advise.

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Take care of your Health & Well being

I pledge to assist you with matters concerning Nutrition, health and well being. All conversations are confidential.



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A few words about me

As a registered Clinical Nutritionist & Dietician, I have work in the field for over 5 years thus gaining enough Expertise and familiarizing myself with many nutrition-related conditions and healthy wellbeing.

I'm ready to offer you the appropriate advice

Having balanced nutrition is very important to keep my body in shape and healthy.



  • Bridget is indeed an Amazing person, After a long journey with overweight issues, I decided to consult her once per week and with her guidance, my weight has reduced gladly. I am happy and proud of whom I am now. Thanks alot Bridget
    Lesley Omina
  • Bridget is a kind and gentle person who takes her time to listen and understand her clients. I was recommended by a friend and all I can say is thank you.
    Alex Mutembei
  • She is the Best Nutritionist I have ever meet, Bridget takes her time to understand you and what your body needs. She prepared my meal plan which led to great results. I am ever grateful for that.


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